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Lazio and Lombardy to hold elections before February

Both regional juntas are awash in political scandals

26 October, 16:56
Lazio and Lombardy to hold elections before February (ANSA) - Rome, October 26 - The Italian regions of Lazio and Lombardy, in which the regional juntas have been awash in two separate political funds scandals in recent months, announced on Friday that are set to hold administrative elections between December and February.

The central Lazio region, where the capital city of Rome is located, will hold elections between the end of January and early February, according to sources close to the junta. The exact election dates will be announced towards mid-November.

Instead, the northern Italian Lombardy region, in which the business capital of Milan is located, will hold its next elections "on a Sunday between December 16 and January 27", according to comments made by regional president Roberto Formigoni to journalists.

Lazio governor Renata Polverini stepped down in September after the regional caucus leader Franco Fiorito was arrested for alleged embezzlement. Lombardy governor Roberto Formigoni is under pressure to resign after the housing commissioner of Milan's regional government was arrested earlier this month for having allegedly paid organized criminals to secure his elections victory.