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Boys seek way out of gang violence in Naples suburb

Regional government trying to curb mafia influence

11 October, 15:19
Boys seek way out of gang violence in Naples suburb (ANSA) - Naples, October 11 - Local government representatives in a tough suburb of Naples say they are beginning to see some success in their efforts to help youngsters avoid a life of crime. Scampia has become notorious for a long-running turf war involving drug gangs under the control of the powerful local Camorra mafia.

With a one-million-euro injection of cash promised by the major of Naples, local officials have been working on a program aimed at keeping young people from joining gangs.

"Even in Scampia there are guys who want to exit the system of drugs and not drown in the underworld," says Angelo Pisani, president of the Scampia community.

He says he recently saw two repentant boys, who came to him looking for employment and a way out of the criminal life. "I collected the first fruits of my labor, an important signal which shows that with the help of institutions and a really good policy response, we can still save young people from the chains of crime and reintroduce them to civil society".

Pisani also pleaded for more help in bringing safe housing and employment to the suburb.