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Alzheimer's, headaches findings presented in Italy

Researcher claims to have found early test for Alzheimer's

08 October, 19:01
Alzheimer's, headaches findings presented in Italy (ANSA) - Rimini, October 8 - Studies presented Monday at a neurological conference in the northern Italian coastal city of Rimini promise insight into Alzheimers, Parkinsons Disease and headaches.

Speaking at the Congress of the Italian Neurological Society, one researcher claimed to have discovered a way to diagnose Alzheimer's disease very early - at its onset or even years before symptoms begin to show. Alessandro Padovani, director of the neurological department of Brescia's Riuniti Hospital, says the method of identifying "at risk" individuals can help doctors identify treatments for them to prevent the onset of dementia. Another study presented at the conference found that women suffer 70% of all headaches, but that slightly more males suffer the so-called "weekend headache" - a headache experienced in a moment of relaxation after a period of stress.ß Research led by Carlo Lissotto, head of the head-pain department of the Santa Maria deli Angeli hospital in the northeastern Italian city of Pordenone found that 52.6% of those who suffer the weekend headache are men.