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Catholic weekly slams 'squandering' in Lazio council

Scandal 'offends poor,' says Famiglia Cristiana

25 September, 16:13
Catholic weekly slams 'squandering' in Lazio council (ANSA) - Rome, September 25 - A corruption scandal that has engulfed the Lazio regional council is an ''indecent squandering of resources that offends the poor, the unemployed and young people without work'', Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana said in an editorial on Tuesday. On Monday Lazio governor Renata Polverini of Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom party resigned and said she would ''expose'' misuse of party financing. ''From today on I can say everything I have seen,'' said Polverini at a press conference.

The scandal exploded after Franco Fiorito, the PdL's former regional chief, was placed under investigation this month for suspected embezzlement of party funds.

Investigators are looking at around 800,000 euros of financial transactions linked to Fiorito.

''It cries for revenge in the eyes of God,'' said the Famiglia Cristiana editorial, which likened the council to a ''pigsty''.

''Those going into politics must take a loss, not make gains.

''It is already a huge honour to serve the country. And after one or two mandates they (the politicians) must all return to their former occupations''. photo: Franco Fiorito.