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Train crash in Puglia kills driver, 18 passengers injured

High-speed rail smashed into truck on tracks

24 September, 18:04
Train crash in Puglia kills driver, 18 passengers injured (ANSA) - Brindisi, September 24 - The driver of a high-speed train travelling from Rome to Lecce died and as many as 18 passengers were injured in a crash in Puglia on Monday.

The train hit a semi-trailer truck at a level crossing and derailed after the impact.

The truck driver, who is now being questioned by police, managed to jump to safety. It has been alleged that he crossed the train tracks illegally, as a safety barrier was coming down.

At least 13 of the injured passengers are in hospital - two with head injuries and several with neck problems.

Another five received medical treatment at the scene. Uninjured passengers were to be taken by bus to their destinations.

The railway, Ferrovie dello Stato, has called an internal inquiry into the accident.

Consumer group Codacons complained that the number of railway accidents at level crossings is on the rise and better safety measures should be put in place.