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Appeal to end suspend Italy's hunting ignites fusillade

Zeffirelli, Tamaro, Veronesi, Hack back call

30 August, 20:22
Appeal to end suspend Italy's hunting ignites fusillade (ANSA) - Florence, August 30 - Ex-minister of tourism under the Berlusconi administration and animal rights activist Michela Vittoria Brambilla - together with a group of Italian celebrities - called on Thursday for the suspension of Italy's hunting season due to this year's drought.

The group's open letter called the effect of dry weather on wild fauna "a true 'natural state of emergency'" requiring "provisions for the care of animal populations in difficulty".

The celebrities joining Brambilla's appeal include film director Franco Zeffirelli, best-selling writer Susanna Tamaro, ex-health minister Umberto Veronesi, and astrophysicist Margherita Hack.

The Tuscan branch of the hunting association Federcaccia noted that the letter also compared hunting animals under current conditions to "taking up a gun in an concentration camp". Federcaccia called it "a comparison of dubious taste to which it would be easy to reply that the inspirer of that tragedy was vegetarian and truly loved animals (less, as noted, human beings)."