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Police turn blind eye to Vatican 'souk'

Counterfeit goods on sale in full view

29 August, 17:23
Police turn blind eye to Vatican 'souk' ANSA - Vatican - August 29 - Police are turning a blind eye to a 'souk' selling designer counterfeit apparel which has sprung up outside The Vatican in the last few days. Where once sellers would approach tourists individually on the streets around St Peters, a vast illegal market filled with copies of famous brands such as Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and RayBan has returned to the capital. According to ANSA, Guardia Finanza officers have made ineffectual raids on the bazaar, allowing the largely non EU immigrant vendors to escape and later return.

The souk, which is filled with bags, scarves, wallets, sunglasses and much more, is clogging the Via della Conciliazione, in front of the Vatican, a street already worn down by a constant stream of illegally parked tourist buses.