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Man shoots self at Pompeii Sanctuary

Latest victim of crisis suicides

10 May, 18:24
Man shoots self at Pompeii Sanctuary (ANSA) - May 10, Pompeii - An Italian man shot himself in the head in the parking lot of the Pompeii Sanctuary shortly after praying inside and leaving behind a note blaming financial hardship on Thursday. Witnesses said Arcangelo Arpino, 63, was kneeling before a painting of the Madonna of Pompeii before he left the church and shot himself with a 7.65 caliber pistol near the exit where nuns ran to the scene. The man, married with three children, left behind three suicide letters: one asking forgiveness from his family, another outlining financial troubles linked to his realty business, and a third chiding collection agency Equitalia for bills. Italians who have killed themselves out of despair from the widespread economic crisis are on the rise, averaging one a day, according to the Eures think tank.