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Half young Italians think mafia 'stronger than State'

Almost 40% say Mob 'can't be beaten'

26 April, 16:42
Half young Italians think mafia 'stronger than State'

(ANSA) - Palermo, April 26 - Half of young Italians think the mafia is stronger than the Italian State, according to a survey out Thursday.

Asked the question, "who is stronger'", 49.9% answered the mafia and only 14.27% the State.

Only 23.7% of the respondents said the mafia could be beaten while almost 40% (37.19%) thought it couldn't. The sixth annual survey of perceptions of the mafia, by the Pio La Torre centre in Palermo, gave questionnaires to 1,409 students between the ages of 16 and 18.

Most of the sample, 67%, came from schools in Sicily, followed by Liguria with 14.41%, Lazio with 13.2% and Lombardy with 5.39%. Some 68.83% of those polled said the State wasn't doing enough to beat the mafia while 79.28% said much of the mafia's strength derived from its infiltration of the State.