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Bond spread back down to same level as Spain's

First time since August, difference stood at 195 points in Dec'

02 March, 20:00
Bond spread back down to same level as Spain's (ANSA) - Rome, March 2 - Rome received another signal that it is starting to emerge from the debt crisis on Friday, when Italy's 10-year bonds closed the gap on their Spanish equivalents.

The yield on Treasury BTP bonds briefly dropped below that for the Spanish Bonos for the first time since August before closing the day level.

The 10-year BTP and the Bonos both closed with a spread of 310.7 points with respect to the benchmark German bund and a yield of 4.91%.

On December 30 the spread between 10-year Italian and Spanish bonds reached a record high of 195 points, with yields of 7.06% and 5.11% respectively.

The bond spread is considered an important indicator of the financial markets' confidence in Italy's ability to withstand the eurozone crisis.

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