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Vatican: pope slams 'narcotics' agst spiritual restlessness

Three Wise Men had 'a restless heart', Benedict says

06 January, 10:58
Vatican: pope slams 'narcotics' agst spiritual restlessness (ANSA) - Vatican City, January 6 - Pope Benedict XVI on Friday criticised the "very effective narcotics" used to calm the spiritual "restlessness" needed to seek God.

Speaking on the Epiphany feast, Benedict said the Three Wise Men were "persons with a restless heart," looking for God.

"Today, with very effective narcotics, they try to free man from this restlessness".

Ordaining two bishops, the pope said that like the Magi, "a bishop, too, must be a man with a restless heart, who does not settle for the usual things in this world...who does not wonder what dominant opinion says of him".

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