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Police smash gang of jewellery thieves in north

13 arrest warrants issued in Veneto and Tuscany

28 December, 10:43
Police smash gang of jewellery thieves in north (ANSA) - Venice, December 28 - Police say they have smashed a gang of thieves following a lengthy investigation across the northern regions of Veneto and Tuscany.

The criminal gang was responsible for attacks on jewellery stores and banks across the north central region of Italy, Venice police said.

More than 150 police have issued 13 arrest warrants for several people in towns including Padua, Verona and Vicenza.

They are wanted on charges including aggravated robbery and receiving stolen goods in the two regions.

The investigation into the alleged gang began in August 2010 after two thieves robbed the 'Pendini' jewellery store in Jesolo stealing Rolex watches and jewellery worth around 500,000 euros.

The owner of the store was severely beaten during the robbery.

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