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Italy's first openly lesbian MP marries

Paola Concia first Italian politician to wed someone of same sex

05 August, 16:09
Italy's first openly lesbian MP marries (ANSA) - Rome, August 5 - Italy's first openly lesbian MP, Paola Concia, married in Frankfurt Friday, the first time an Italian politician has married someone of the same sex. Concia, gay spokesperson for the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), exchanged vows with Ricarda Trautmann, a criminologist from Cologne, Germany. Concia said she would have tied the knot "sooner" but a "pile" of documents from her previous marriage, to a man, had been buried in 2009's devastating earthquake in L'Aquila.

"Unlike others I want to get married," Concia announced on Italian radio last year. "And we must work in parliament to win rights equivalent to marriage in Italy too".

Concia came out in 2002 after working for the PD for several years.

She became an MP in 2008 and has become a prominent activist for equal rights for gays and hate-crime laws against gay-bashing.

A draft law on gay hate crimes was defeated last week, sparking an outcry from Italy's gay community.

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