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Police nab quack online doctor

Suspect gave teens bad advice on Yahoo! Answers, police say

04 August, 17:16
Police nab quack online doctor (ANSA) - Rome, August 4 - Police accused a young woman of posing as a doctor and giving bad medical advice to dozens of people online Thursday. According to the report, an imposter from the Rome area had been using the website Yahoo! Answers as a platform for "formulating improbable diagnoses" and giving remedies that were "potentially damaging" to people with legitimate illnesses, most of whom were teenagers. Police said the suspect is a 24-year-old healthcare worker with a degree in neuropathology.

"[She has] a passion for medicine," police added, "yet she never passed the admissions test for medical school". Most of her advice dealt with teenagers and their first sexual encounters and young girls having their period. Yet she also wrote about epilepsy, heart attacks and tumors as though she were an authority on the topics. In one online post, the suspect warned readers to beware of the late Italian doctor Luigi Di Bella, known for his controversial cancer treatments. "He's a fraud, a quack," she said. "What he invented does not work".

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