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Relations warm between China and Italy

'Italy trusts China' says Italian foreign minister

19 July, 16:05
Relations warm between China and Italy (ANSA) - Beijing, July 19 - Italian foreign policy will strongly encourage the influx of Chinese capital in Italy, said Foreign Minister Franco Frattini in Beijing Tuesday.

At a summit with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Frattini emphasized Italy's effort to eliminate "legal obstacles, barriers, or mistrust" between the two countries. "Italy trusts China," said Frattini, "and considers it an authoritative partner". He added that his message was directed at sovereign wealth funds who "continue to bring resources". The Italian foreign minister spoke of his country as a "bridge" between China and the European Union. The foreign ministers signed a bilateral agreement increasing the amount of diplomatic passports in both countries.

The accord also sets out to simplify and accelerate the application process for entrepreneurs, tourists and students.

Another agreement aims to strengthen student exchange programs between Italy and China. "Political trust and cooperation are on the rise," said Jiechi of relations between China and Italy, adding that "excellent results" had been reached between the two nations. "There is neither a theme nor a topic, from the G20 to energy policy, from Afghanistan to the Middle East, that does not include China as a global force," said Frattini. "One cannot do without Beijing".

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