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Vatican uses new media to communicate with young people

Church embraces YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

24 May, 14:26
Vatican uses new media to communicate with young people (ANSA) - Rome, May 24 - The emergence of social media is forcing the Catholic Church to change its style of communicating, particularly with young people, a senior Vatican official said on Tuesday.

Monsignor Paul Tighe, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, said the new culture of communication was not just about technological change but dealing with a greater demand for interaction.

While the church had used TV, radio and newspapers for years, he said new media created a ''changed reality''.

''It's facilitated by new technology but what's interesting is the new culture,'' Tighe said.

He said it was clear those who used new media were interested in ''establishing relationships'' and the Church had the ability to reach people that it could not before.

''We have to rethink how we do our communication,'' he said.

''It is much more about dynamic communication''.

Tighe said the Catholic Church had used YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and live streaming for particular events with considerable success.

He said live streaming enabled the Church to reach Catholics in countries where they may have limited access to media or where they are a minority.

Tighe said the Church had also used the website - - as a platform to communicate with young people, particularly during the recent beatification of Pope John Paul II.