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Pope John Paul II postulator wants miracle reports

Msgr Oder looks ahead to 'great day' of canonisation

21 February, 15:11
Pope John Paul II postulator wants miracle reports (ANSA) - Vatican City, February 21 - The man behind the bid to make Pope John Paul II a saint on Monday called for reports of miracles so he can be sped on his way to sainthood after his beatification May 1.

Msgr Slawomir Oder, postulator of John Paul's canonisation cause, said on a new JPII website: "Let's not forget that beatification is only a stage, looking ahead to the great day when the Church, after recognising another miracle attributed to John Paul II, will be able to raise him to glory as a saint. "I therefore urge you to pray intensely and bring to the knowledge of the postulator, who is constantly vigilant, all those cases that can be attributed to the intercession of John Paul II". Benedict XVI, John Paul's successor, last month approved a miracle cure of a French nun with Parkinson's Disease, paving the way for a beatification that is set to bring to Rome the kind of crowds not seen since his death in April, 2005.

photo: John Paul II on January 6, 2001