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Specialized News Services

Daily News and thorough analyses of specific areas.

Target: media (newspapers, press agencies, magazines, TV, radio), national and local authorities, companies, ministries, SMEs, professionals.
Content: politics, economics, news, sports, entertainment, science, culture, health, public services, the working world, environment and territory, tourism and agriculture.
Updated: real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Format: Text.

Reception: Internet, Satellite.

Access methods: MNB, other systems, websites.

ANSA Agriculture and food
Daily News on agriculture and food.
Analysis, comments, documentation and features; in-depth analysis of topics related to politics, legislation and the economy


ANSA Environment
Essential daily news on the environment: waste, water, energy, pollution. In-depth analysis and further updates on governmental, parliamentary, regional, national and EU legislative activities.


Environment&Energy Professional
A web channel that meets the needs of sector professionals and experts for more specialist coverage of the issues and territories, thanks to specialist contributions and constant updates from Italy, at the local and national level, and from abroad: a constantly updated direct line with the European Union on renewable energies, raw materials and everything else about the energy business. The channel can be accessed at


ANSA Financial News
The agency’s newest service is aimed at sector specialists who require economic news in real time and want a daily point of reference. 
ANSA Financial News produces more than 400 news items every day for a thorough and detailed panorama of sector events in Italy and abroad.
The service is divided into three areas:
- Finance: national and international news, with a particular focus on companies quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange (the Borsa);
- Economics: news focusing on macroeconomic indications.  News on economic policy   from Italy and abroad receives special attention;
- Politics: daily coverage of government and parliamentary activity, as well as developments within institutional agencies and regional organisations.


ANSA Health
A key source of information for updates and developments in science.
The service focuses on three main sectors each day: health, medicine and research, and regional events. These are supplemented by in-depth coverage exploring institutional, administrative, industrial, political and social issues.
ANSA Health news is also available through the portal at


ANSA Telecommunications
A reliable service providing constant updates on the telecommunications sector. It includes features on new products, market and share operations, as well as in-depth research and video interviews.
ANSA Telecommunications news is also available through the  portal at


ANSA Employment
Daily News updated in real time on labour laws, personnel management, security and  collective bargaining. Updates and in-depth features   with macro-economic analysis of the  labour market , companies and emerging businesses.


ANSA Motors
40 daily news items   on the  economic and financial market of the automotive industry, plus the latest legislative and administrative developments at a regional level.


Daily coverage offering a unique and up-to-the-minute overview of  small and medium-sized enterprises.
Further  analyses on issues relating to training, access to finance, industrial districts, innovation and  internationalisation.
The service is supplemented  by a daily events agenda.


ANSA Business News
ANSA Business News provides real-time coverage of  top  economic and financial news , from Italy and abroad . The service provides some  100 news items each   day. The real-time coverage is designed to provide crucial assistance to clients when making critical decisions.


- daily stock market report
- daily analysis of the   Milan Stock Exchange, currencies and government bonds
- opening and closing quotation with a comment at midday
- daily report on the activities of the government, parliament and other Italian organisations
- bulletins summarising the day's top news from Italy and abroad
- press roundup of the top economic and financial news
Business News is also available through the portal at

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