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Accurate and comprehensive selection of the main Italian and international events.

Target: newspapers, agencies, magazines, TV, radio, national and local authorities, companies, SMEs.
Content: politics, economics, news, sports, entertainment, news, science.
Updated: real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Format: Text in electronic format, web, mobile, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)
Reception: via Internet, satellite
Access methods: MNB


ANSA English Corporate Service
Daily news on the TOP 500 Italian companies, non-sector specific. The reports are divided into four main areas:

  • Economy & Finance: investment plans, budget information and  cash flow trends;
  • Legal: information on activities in domestic and international law with broad corporate repercussions;
  • Industrial: business trends, competition, marketing plans;
  • Press Release: press releases  on companies and the public administration of relevance to the foreign market.


ANSA English Media Service
ANSA English Media service provides five-day coverage of Italian and international events from a purely Italian perspective.
The coverage, between 15 and 25 ITEMS per day, is divided into thematic areas:

  • Italian and International Politics
  • Fashion & Design
  • Entertainment
  • Science & Technology
  • The Vatican

The service provides at least five in-depth features  a day  on Italian topics of specific interest abroad, such as art, food, Italian lifestyle, fashion, sports and tourism.
All  coverage is  accompanied by photos.

Spanish News
100-150 news items per day on the main events in Latin America, supplemented by a selection of Italian and international news on politics, economics, current affairs, culture, entertainment and sports. The news is produced locally by  ANSA’s 21 offices in Latin America.

Portuguese News
The service provides an overview of international events with supplements distributed to the Brazilian media, on various aspects of Italian society.

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Ansa: Scegli il prodotto per profilo professionale
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