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Target : media (newspapers, press agencies, magazines, TV, radio), central and local Public Administration , big companies, SMEs, professionals.
Content : politics, economics, history, sports, entertainment, chronicles, meteo & economics
Update : real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Size : testo, photos, audio & video


The first Italian information agency and among the first in the world, ANSA is a cooperative of 36 members, publishers and major national newspapers, born with the mission to publish and distribute news.

ANSA has been providing for more than 60 years a comprehensive coverage of events in Italy and abroad through 22 offices on the national territory and presence in over 80 locations in 74 countries in the world. The presence on the territory to be present where the facts happen and when they happen.

More than 3500 news and more than 900 images per day are spread over all transmission platforms (web, satellite, mobile) in the formats and in the ways required by the market, complemented by the services needed to fully respond to the demand for information of a more and more demanding public.

Reliability, completeness and independence have always been and still values ANSA, That confirm it leader in the preferences of the more than 1400 clients (companies, public administration, Media) and in the international scene. A continuous pursuit of excellence awarded by the judgement of customers: more than 90% of clients recommend products ANSA (search large numbers 7 / 05).

Ansa: Scegli il prodotto per profilo professionale
Ansa: Scegli il prodotto per profilo professionale
Ansa: Scegli il prodotto per ordine alfabetico
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