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Unlicensed software for Pc still widespread in CEE, Balkans

But its diffusion has diminished since 2011

27 June, 11:39
(ANSA) - BELGRADE - A recent study from the BSA - The Software Alliance, shows that the percentage of unlicensed software for personal computers is still high in Central- and Eastern Europe and in the Balkans.

According to the new BSA Global Software Survey, released this month, in 2017 the rate of unlicensed Pc software installation reached 83% in Moldova, 80% in Ukraine, 74% in Albania and Montenegro, 66% in Serbia, 63% in Macedonia, 61% in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 59% in Romania, 57% in Bulgaria, 50% in Croatia and Lithuania, 48% in Latvia, 46% in Poland, 41% in Estonia and Slovenia. In contrast, some countries registered a significant lower rate, with 36% in Hungary, 35% in Slovakia and 32% in the Czech Republic. The average of unlicensed pc software installations in Central- and Eastern Europe was 57% in 2017, the "highest overall rate" in the world together with the Asia and Pacific region, BSA said.

Russia, with 62% and a commercial value of 1.3 billion dollar, "continues to account for the largest dollar share of unlicensed software in the region." BSA data show, however, that the share of unlicensed software relatively declined in the whole CEE region between 2011 and 2017, from 62 to 57% of the total. (ANSA).

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