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    • 12:44
    • 16 Feb

    Merkel praises Italy on migrants,we have a close cooperation

    Gentiloni in Berlin says less casualties at sea thanks to Italy
    • 19:26
    • 15 Feb

    Western Balkans: EU countries disagree on EU strategy

    Bulgaria and Hungary urged to speed up the process
    • 19:07
    • 15 Feb

    Kosovo: EU thanks prosecutor Schwediman for "excellent work"

    EEAS issued a statement following the announcement of retirement
    • 17:31
    • 15 Feb

    Balkans: Mogherini, working to strengthen EU prospects

    28 EU states and candidate countries to discuss security issues
    • 15:29
    • 15 Feb

    Macedonia willing to add name 'qualifier' to satisfy Greece

    Foreign Ministers of two countries met this week in Vienna
    • 10:51
    • 15 Feb

    Ukrainian opposition leader Saakashvili flies to Netherlands

    After being ejected from Ukraine into neighboring Poland
    • 19:49
    • 14 Feb

    Germany's Merkel, we need quiet times

    Tells politicians, get back to real work
    • 16:48
    • 14 Feb

    Croatian Prime Minister aims to join the Eurozone in 2024

    Plenkovic in Brussels said Zagreb will welcome Belgrade in EU
    • 16:01
    • 14 Feb

    Serbia: Gabriel in Belgrade, Germany supports EU integration

    'We need a solution on Kosovo, rule of law, freedom of the press
    • 15:42
    • 14 Feb

    Kosovo: Thaci, this year 'historic' agreement with Serbia

    'On full normalization of relations'. Criticism of the KLA Court
    • 15:16
    • 14 Feb

    Slovenia teachers rally, schools close as part of strike

    More than 10,000 in central square in Ljubljana
    • 12:47
    • 14 Feb

    Calenda calls on EU to look at Slovakia incentives

    Minister writes letter following Embraco and Honeywell cases
    • 19:19
    • 13 Feb

    Germany's Martin Schulz resigns as Social Democrat leader

    Move expected as he abandoned idea to become Foreign minister
    • 19:11
    • 13 Feb

    Slovenia-Italy: 6th Italian Business Forum in Ljubljana

    Focus on sustainability, technology and economic growth
    • 17:37
    • 13 Feb

    Clash in Aegean Sea between Turkish and Greek coast guards

    Tension in disputed area, no injuries but Athens sites damages
    • 15:56
    • 13 feb

    Vucic in Zagreb, difficult to easy tensions

    'Past is still divisive, but we must look to the future'