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    • 15:02
    • 17 Feb

    Merkel defends Iran deal, Pence blasts Europe

    Germany, Britain, France, China, Russia, UE try to keep the deal
    • 14:11
    • 17 Feb

    Iran pressures Europe for more effort to save nuclear deal

    Munich Security Conference.Russia,China and EU to save 2015 deal
    • 13:21
    • 16 Feb

    Pence, Iran advocates holocaust, be Ue on our side

    America stronger then ever, leads the world
    • 12:22
    • 16 Feb

    Clashes with police in Albanian opposition rally

    Tried to enter the building of Prime Minister Edi Rama
    • 12:15
    • 16 Feb

    Merkel defends US stance on Iran

    China ad disarmament negotiations. Scary that Ue car dangerous
    • 20:35
    • 15 Feb

    Kosovo: a new dialogue platform presented to parliament

    Among the issues, yes to independence,abolition of UN resolution
    • 20:27
    • 15 Feb

    Serbia: Bulgaria, Premier Borissov reiterates his support

    'Belgrade deserves EU membership'
    • 17:07
    • 15 Feb

    US vice president Pence makes his 1st visit to Auschwitz

    To pay tribute in Poland to victims of the Nazi German
    • 16:46
    • 15 Feb

    EU receives formal notification of Macedonia's new name

    Mogherini and Hahn welcome the 'historic step' as an 'example'
    • 11:11
    • 15 Feb

    Pompeo meets with EU's top diplomat amid Pence attack

    Working breakfast with EU foreign policy chief Mogherini
    • 19:30
    • 14 Feb

    Mattarella says concerned by EU verbal excesses

    Italian President writes a letter to Borut Pahor
    • 18:55
    • 14 Feb

    Iran: Pompeo, all worried but different solutions

    'No one has defended Tehran' in the Warsaw conference
    • 18:38
    • 14 Feb

    Northern Macedonia:Nato,Albania ratifies accession protocol

    Third country to do it after Greece and Slovenia
    • 18:26
    • 14 Feb

    Iran: Poland, 'divisions between EU and US remain'

    Minister Czaputowicz at the end of the Warsaw conference
    • 18:17
    • 14 Feb

    Mogherini says Skopje-Athens deal should inspire all Europe

    High Representative met Macedonian Defence Minister at Nato
    • 17:23
    • 14 Feb

    Pence calls on Europe to unite with US on Iran

    'UK-France-Germany created mechanism aimed at breaking tough US'