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    • 21:07
    • 07 Oct

    Polls close in Romania's marriage amendment vote

    But referendum failed to attract voters and risks being voided
    • 20:37
    • 07 Oct

    Polls close in vote setting Bosnia's course

    Some 3.3 million people were eligible to vote
    • 14:34
    • 07 Oct

    Romanians vote on changing the definition of marriage

    7.24 percent of voters had cast a ballot by mid-morning Sunday
    • 12:28
    • 07 Oct

    Party catering to Russian minority comes 1st in Latvian vote

    But it's expected difficulties in forming a coalition government
    • 13:10
    • 06 Oct

    Romanians vote on putting gay marriage ban in constitution

    Proposed change prevent attempt to legalize same-sex marriage
    • 12:57
    • 06 Oct

    Ethnic Russians seen as having weight in Latvian election

    Population of 2 million people, in 1991 ended Soviet occupation
    • 14:10
    • 05 Oct

    Bosnia election seen as key for future of war-ravaged nation

    Voters on Sunday choose three members of the Bosnian presidency
    • 19:46
    • 04 Oct

    Fugitive Romanian politician arrested in Costa Rica

    Arrested in San Jose. She denied wrongdoing, called for retrial
    • 18:57
    • 04 Oct

    Juncker says W.Balkans to be unsafe if EU accession fails

    EU President assures Europe isn't careless on region's future
    • 18:54
    • 04 Oct

    EU calls on Bosnian citizens to go vote on Sunday elections

    Deputy Head of EU delegation posted a video message on Twitter
    • 13:26
    • 03 Oct

    Germany celebrates 28th anniversary of its reunification

    Merkel says that process still isn't complete
    • 09:17
    • 03 Oct

    Montenegro: Djukanovic, without EU enlargement, we all lose

    At the plenary, EU's our cornerstone, but we are not guinea pigs
    • 21:50
    • 01 Oct

    Macedonia:NATO,our door is open,but deal must be implemented

    Stoltenberg asks to complete all procedures agreed with Greece
    • 21:45
    • 01 Oct

    EU sees Macedonia's vote as positive and confirms support

    Mogherini-Hahn call on responsibility to move country forward
    • 15:50
    • 01 Oct

    Kosovo: Thaci, I don't ask for permits, I go wherever I want

    President on protests in Belgrade, 'freedom of movement'
    • 14:56
    • 01 Oct

    Ucraina: oltre il 54% dei cittadini a favore ingresso Nato

    Poroshenko, aggressione russa ha aiutato a diventare più europei