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    • 16:36
    • 28 Nov

    Italy-Slovenia: Moavero met with FM Miro Cerar

    Bilateral relationship confirmed as 'excellent'
    • 18:43
    • 27 Nov

    Serb municipal mayors in Kosovo resign amid customs 'war'

    Judges on strike as protest spreads against Pristina authorities
    • 14:24
    • 27 Nov

    UNGA adopts resolution on cooperation between the UN and CEI

    CEI committed to developing results-oriented projects
    • 19:42
    • 26 Nov

    Fedriga, let's tackle drop in birth-rate with other regions

    FVG Governor at EGTC meeting, 'we should give strong answers'
    • 19:40
    • 23 Nov

    Kurz call on Kosovo's government to break down tariffs

    Austrian Chancellor on Twitter asks for respect of Cefta
    • 17:38
    • 23 Nov

    EU is mediating with Kosovo and Serbia to smooth out crises

    Hahn in touch with leaders. EU asks for rule of law respect
    • 18:49
    • 22 Nov

    EU asks Hungary to clarify on asylum to former Macedonian PM

    Spokesperson reminds Member States must defend rule of law
    • 18:41
    • 22 Nov

    EU says Kosovo's tariffs on Serbia are a 'wrong reaction'

    Spokesperson, Pristina violates Cefta, stop with provocations
    • 10:36
    • 22 Nov

    EU condemns Kosovo's decision to increase import tariffs

    Mogherini calls on Pristina to revoke the measure immediately
    • 15:09
    • 21 Nov

    Bulgaria: cabinet reshuffle, deputy vice-premier replaced

    Simeonov resigned after protests of mothers of disabled children
    • 12:26
    • 21 Nov

    Austria wants to discuss dual-nationality passport with Rome

    Interministerial group is working on draft bill
    • 18:58
    • 20 Nov

    International relations: Roberti, strengthen Fvg in EUSALP

    At the meeting of the EU strategy in Innsbruck
    • 15:23
    • 20 Nov

    EU Ministers call on Bosnia to form government promptly

    Foreign Affairs Council made an appeal to focus on reform agenda
    • 17:44
    • 19 Nov

    Balkans: EU, different entry times, but open doors to all

    Commissioner Hahn in Vienna highlights good signals from trade
    • 17:30
    • 19 Nov

    Kurz says EU will be complete only after W.Balkans' entry

    Chancellor considers security in the region key for EU security
    • 13:54
    • 19 Nov

    Press: 'brave' initiatives, freedom still to be achieved

    Western Balkans, Light and shade scenario at the 12th Forum