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    • 10:17
    • 14 Oct

    Poland's ruling party declares victory in divided nation

    Law and Justice won 43.6% of the votes, Ipsos say
    • 10:10
    • 14 Oct

    Hungary opposition parties win big in Budapest

    Gergely Karacsony leading Istvan Tarlos by 50.1% to 44.8%
    • 19:32
    • 13 Oct

    Hunter Biden to step down from Chinese board

    Statement posted on Medium
    • 11:32
    • 13 Oct

    Orban's Fidesz party faces united opposition in Hungary vote

    More than 8 mln people to vote for over 3,000 mayors
    • 11:27
    • 13 Oct

    Poles vote as ruling conservatives seek majority control

    Nationalist Law and Justice party was favored to win
    • 16:16
    • 11 Oct

    Albania: Council of Europe criticize President's impeachment

    Venice Commission calls re-examination draft law on property
    • 10:09
    • 11 Oct

    Kosovo: coalition government, between the two major parties

    Kurti (Self-determination), alliance with LDK
    • 20:42
    • 10 Oct

    EU warns a 'no' to Albania would be huge political mistake

    Commissioner Hahn optimistic on opening talks,but Macron against
    • 20:17
    • 10 Oct

    Romania: Social Democrat government loses no-confidence vote

    Dancila accused of mismanaging economy and judicial system
    • 14:39
    • 10 Oct

    Poland before the EU Court of Justice on regime for judges

    A new chapter in the struggle between Brussels and Warsaw
    • 12:06
    • 10 Oct

    Ukraine president: 'No blackmail' in conversation with Trump

    Phone call helped spark an impeachment inquiry
    • 11:58
    • 10 Oct

    Balkans: Serbia-Albania-North Macedonia, meeting in Novi Sad

    The goal is to create a common market by removing all barriers
    • 10:24
    • 10 Oct

    Taxes: EU removes UAE, Marshall Islands from tax havens list

    Council found Albania, Serbia compliant with all commitments
    • 19:57
    • 09 Oct

    Italy-Serbia: let's strengthen collaboration infrastructure

    Ambassador Lo Cascio talking to Minister Mihajlovic
    • 19:42
    • 09 Oct

    EU signs deals with Tirana and Skopje on counter-terrorism

    In a few days the EU leaders will decide on opening EU talks
    • 18:11
    • 09 Oct

    Kosovo:Kurti, the new government whould exclude Srpska Lista

    Election winner, let's prepare ourselves to dialogue with the EU