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Bosnia: from today, electoral campaign for Oct. 7 election

Voters will elect new local and central authorities

07 September, 21:41
(ANSA) - SARAJEVO, SEPTEMBER 7- In Bosnia-Herzegovina the electoral campaign for general election scheduled for October 7 began today. The forthcoming election - through which new central and local authorities will be elected - is the eighth one in a row since the end of the war (1992-95) and the third one taking place without changes to the Constitution and the electoral law. These changes had been requested by a ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in 2009, in order to abolish discrimination against minorities and give everyone - not only to Serbs, Croats and Muslims - the right to run for the state's high offices. The Central Electoral Commission announced that 53 political parties, 36 coalitions and 34 independent candidates will run for 518 public offices. Over 3.2 million citizens will vote for the tripartite presidency(a Serb, a Croat and a Muslim) and for Members of the parliament (42, out of which 28 elected in the BH Federation, a Muslim-Croat-majority entity, and 14 elected in Republika Srpska, Rs, a Serb-majority entity). In addition, about 2 million eligible voters will vote in the Federation to elect the new parliament of the entity and the councils of 10 cantons, whereas 1.2 million voters in the RS will elect the new local parliament, the president and two deputy presidents of the RS. Transparent ballot boxes will be used for the first time and the election is going to cost 4.3 million euros. (ANSA).

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