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Gas: Putin to Merkel, Nord Stream2 will make Europe stronger

Three hours dialogue, but no information afterwards

19 August, 12:46
(ANSA) - BERLIN, 19 AGO - The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is not a threat to the EU and the West, but an opportunity for Europe, Russian president Vladimir Putin said yesterday before meeting the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Meseberg castle, in Germany.

Russia, Putin added, hopes that "Nord Stream 2 will improve the gas distribution in Europe and contribute to its development".

Putin recalled that "Germany is among our main trading partners". "We cooperate in particular in the energy field - Putin said - Germany is our main buyer, gas consumption increased this year by 13% and Germany is an important country not only as a buyer but also a crucial country for gas transit".

Nord Stream 2 does not exclude Ukraine as a possible transit country for Russian gas to Europe, Putin assured. "The important thing is that this transit meets the economic needs", the Russian president said.

The bilateral talks between Merkel and Putin lasted for three hours, but no information was released afterwards. (ANSA).

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