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Slovenia: by 2100, 284,000 inhabitants fewer

Population just under 1,8 million in 80 years

11 September, 18:35
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER 11- The population in Slovenia is expected to decrease to 1,796,000 inhabitants by 2100, 284,000 less than now (-13%), the Slovenian Statistical Office said in statement, quoting results from the EUROPOP2018 population projections produced by Eurostat.

The population in Slovenia is projected to increase until around 2023 (to about 2,088,000) and then slowly decrease, the statistical office added. Together with the demographic decline, Slovenia will also experience a significant change in the structure of the population. In 2018, people aged 65 or more stood for 19.4% of the population, while in 2100 the percentage will be at just over 31%.The share of people under 15 years of age is expected to increase until 2021 to 15.2%, then start to drop and reach its minimum in 2037 (about 12.9%) and then to rise again, reaching 13.9% in 2100. (ANSA).

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