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Austria: COE, fight against corruption is 'disappointing'

GRECO, measures for Parliament and judges are unsatisfactory

17 July, 19:33
(ANSA) - STRASBOURG, JULY 17 - The measures that Austria enforced to prevent corruption in the Parliament and the judiciary are "globally unsatisfactory", said Greco, the anti-corruption body of the Council of Europe, in its latest report on the country.

GRECO underlined that only one out of the 19 recommendations sent to the country in 2016 was followed, while 5 were only partially followed and the remaining 13 remain unfulfilled.

As for the MPs, GRECO said that the measures enforced to prevent corruption are "clearly disappointing" and therefore urges the parliament to speed up the enforcement of a code of conduct, for the declaration of assets and interests, and to manage lobbyists. As for the judiciary, Greco remarked that all anti-corruption reforms have not yet been finalized. The Strasbourg-based body asked Austria to submit a detailed report on the issue by December. (ANSA).

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