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Migrants:documentary on Riace at 28th Krynica Economic Forum

Meeting with Gramizzi, co-producer of 'A village in Calabria'

05 September, 14:03
(ANSA) - KRYNICA ZDROJ, SEPTEMBER 5- 'A village in Calabria' documentary by Shu Aiello and Catherine Catella, focusing on the successful way migrants have been welcomed to Riace, was screened at the 28th Krynica Zdròj Economic Forum (Poland), the most important annual event in Central and Eastern Europe, totalling 4,000 participants and 180 events. At the end of the screening, Italian co-producer Serena Gramizzi reported in a meeting that the documentary, which costed about 380,000 euros and was released in 2016 after a 5-year work programme involging four producers, was successfully screened in France, whereas it faced some problems in Italy, even in terms of distribution, because of its topic. The film features a villagge which had been abandoned by young people and was then born again, under the guidance of the Riace mayor, Domenico Lucano, and thanks to the reception and integration of migrants, which have become a subject of productivity. The last production involving Gramizzi is 'Almost Nothing' by Anna de Manincor, focusing on the 10,000 scientists at CERN, who work as if they shared a single big brain.


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