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Albania: Hahn, leaders and media should aim together at EU

EU Commission is working to open negotiations

10 November, 09:20

(ANSA) - BRUXELLES - "Albania is on a good path" to officially start the negotiations to join the European Union, but "the accession aspiration should be a national aim supported by all parts of the society, from political leaders to media organisations", EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn told journalists during his mission to Tirana for the EU-Western Balkans Media Days.

There's still no date for the negotiations to be officially opened, though. "We're now working on the recommendation to be presented to the Council, in general, I can say I received all positive feedbacks by the Member States, but conditions stay in place e the country has to keep up with the implementation of the reforms, notably on the 5 key priorities", Hahn stressed. Albania has recently made good progress on some issues like "the fight against the cultivation of marijuana and organised crime, as well as in decreasing the number of asylum seekers" the EU Commissioner explained. There are still many challenges to tackle, though. The implementation of the justice reform, which also includes a vetting process, is on the top of the agenda. "I now expect that the implementation of the vetting process will have a positive impact on the country's judicial system by the end of the year", Hahn told.(ANSA).

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