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Slovenia, same-sex marriage referendum rejected

Parliament did not pass the proposal

28 March, 10:31
(ANSA) - LJUBLJANA - The Slovenian parliament has rejected the proposal to hold a referendum on the amendments to the Family Act, which recognizes same-sex marriages and gives same-sex pairs the right to adopt children. The proposal was rejected on a vote of 53 to 21. A few weeks ago, the parliament passed the amendments, which were approved by the parties of the ruling coalition (Smc-Social Democrats), the Alliance for Alenka Bratuek and the United Left. The pensioners' party, DeSUS (ruling coalition) chose to let MPs exercise freedom of conscience, whereas the opposition parties, SDS and Nsi, voted against. After the amendments' approval, a part of Slovenia's society, represented by the association ''Za otroke gre'' (Children are at stake), has collected 48,000 signatures for the referendum, which was, however, rejected by parliament. The association which collected signatures is very likely to appeal the Constitutional Court. (ANSA).

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