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Anti-waste food containers on the rise

2,000 "Air Box" containers shown at Expo distributed in Italy

10 December, 16:21
(ANSA) - PALERMO, DECEMBER 10 - The use of anti-waste containers to save uneaten food is starting to spread in Italian restaurants, one of the first results from the 'Watch Waste' ('Attenzione allo Spreco') public awareness campaign launched at Expo by the Tecnobox company from Carini in the province of Palermo.

The food-packaging company has already distributed 2,000 doggy bags made from Air-Box, a 100% recyclable material with a worldwide patent, made for both moist and dry food.

"We've received requests from across Italy," said Marcello Trapani, Technobox's director.

"Restaurateurs' help is essential to make consumers understand that it doesn't have to be embarrassing to bring home leftover food that would have otherwise been thrown away".

The city of Gibellina (province of Trapani) also participated in the 'Watch Waste' campaign to limit food waste, introducing a tax break on the variable part of the waste management tax for restaurateurs who offer doggy bags.

"This and other initiatives, like the 'family bag' presented today in Padova by Environment Undersecretary Barbara Degani, represent the right way to fight food waste," Trapani said.

"(Food waste) is a widespread phenomenon in Italy, where every citizen throws away an average of 76 kilograms of food products per year". "As a company that works in support of the food sector, we're ready to work with the Environment Ministry and CONAI (national packaging consortium) to support the 'family bag' project, making available our anti-waste containers designed together with the University of Palermo". (ANSA).

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