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EU clears Slovakia's aid for Slovenské Elektrárne

Company controlled by Enel to ensure supply to Bystricany

10 May, 13:58
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, 10 MAY - EU Commission cleared Bratislava's State aid for Slovenske Elektrarne, an electric utility company controlled by Enel, for temporarily supplying a mandatory quantity of electricity to the northern area of ​ Bystricany, which is insufficiently connected with the rest of the Slovak electricity grid.

Slovenské Elektrárne will supply from its power plant in Nováky a mandatory quantity of at least 870 gigawatts hours and up to 1 100 gigawatts hours per year to the geographical area around Bystricany. The temporary public service obligation will be in place until the completion of investments to strengthen the Slovak electricity grid (intended to solve the technical issue behind the security of supply problem) and, in any event, no later than the end of 2023.

Slovenské Elektrárne will be compensated by the Slovak State for fulfilling this public service obligation, to cover the difference between its revenues from the sale of electricity and other services and its production costs. (ANSA).

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