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Commerce chambers: Cosenza,awards for best extra-virgin oils

At''The Gold of the Bruzi'' event. Algieri: commitment continues

01 September, 18:20
(ANSA) - COSENZA, SEPT. 1 - ''The Gold of Bruzi'', an event organized by Cosenza Chamber of Commerce, which awarded the best extra-virgin oils in the province, reached its fourth edition.

During the event, organised in collaboration with the special agency Promocosenza, an award ceremony took place, and the guide to the best local evo oils was presented. Attestations were delivered to those who attended the ''2017 Oil Tasting Course''.

''Sud'', made by the agricultural company Doria (Cassano allo Jonio), ''Le Conche'', from ''le Conche di Sposato Vincenzo'' (Bisignano) and ''Castello'' from Rita Bilotti's Farm (Altomonte) were ranked, respectively, first, second and third best oil in the category ''intense fruity''. In the category ''medium fruity'' won ''Oro Dolce'', from Olearia Geraci (Corigliano Calabro). ''Terre del Sole'', from La Molazza E.

Minisci & C. (Corigliano Calabro) and ''Figoli Tappo Oro'' from Frantoio Figoli (Corigliano calabro), were ranked second and third. In the category ''light fruity'' won ''Vivace'', made by Frantolio Acri di Giovanni Acri (Rossano Calabro). Second and third were ranked ''Francesco Alimena'' from Francesco Alimena Farm (Montalto Uffugo) and ''Monovarietale Nocellara'', from the Donato Parisi farm (Rossano Calabro).

''Our commitment continues'' said Klaus Algieri, president of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce, during the awards ceremony - to enhance the business of an expanding industry, such as the production of quality extra virgin olive oil. Accredited chamber labs have been collected in a guide that can help the consumer discover 'green gold', historic heritage of our territory''.

The fourth edition of ''The Gold of Bruzi''was opened by Erminia Giorno, secretary general of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce.

Massimiliano Pellegrino, head of promotional panel, explained his work to compile the guide to the best extra-virgin olive oil in the province of Cosenza. ''This is the first official event - Algieri added - for the Chamber of Commerce after August 8, a historic date for this entity that has maintained its autonomy, avoiding unification. I thank my employees, Secretary General Erminia Giorno, all the employees of our Chamber of Commerce, councillors and members of the executive branch for this important milestone. Beginning with the recognition from the OECD for #OpenCamera, according to Ministerial Decree August 8, we have followed a virtuous path that makes us strong and satisfied. This is nothing but the beginning. A new starting point. We invite all the other chambers to go ahead as soon as possible. I hope that Crotone, Vibo and Catanzaro will accelerate the merger process to build Unioncamere Calabria.

#OpenCameraCosenza is our pride, being built on transparency and innovation. We share these values with our businesses that generate wealth, development and culture''. ''President Klaus Algieri, through his commitment - said regional councillor Giuseppe Giudiceandrea - has prevented a flagship of our province from being reduced''. The awards were deivered to oil companies by Giudiceandrea and the president of the Chamber of Commerce. The mayor of Montalto Uffugo, Pietro Caracciolo, mayor of Cassano all'Ionio, Giovanni Papasso, and the deputy mayor of Bisignano, Graziano Fusaro, delivered awards to companies operating in their territories, while the remaining awards were delivered by the councillors of Cosenza Chamber of Commerce Pietro Tarasi, Piero Oranges, Giovanni Amendola, Santo Seminario, Roberto Matragrano, Giuseppe Politano and the deputy president of the Chamber of Commerce Francesco Rosa. (ANSA).

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