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Cosenza Commerce Chamber, lab with the Castrovillari Court

Algieri: initiative is part of a synergy project

31 July, 19:19
(ANSA) - COSENZA, JULY 31 - The Cosenza Chamber of Commerce and the Castrovillari Court have started an ''experimental Laboratory'' on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) at the Justice Palace in the capital city of Pollino, the Chamber announced through a press release. ''In addition to carrying out promotional activities of the ADR culture - the press release reported - the Laboratory will submit to the competent Judge disputes to be evaluated in terms of delegated mediation and will identify the dispute on which he can provide adequate information to both parties. In the same courthouse it will also be possible to carry out mediation, reconciliation activities (with regard to telephone, energy and consumption issues), management of over-indebtedness and arbitration crisis''. ''The initiative, among the first of its kind to be implemented all over the country, is the follow-up to the agreement we have signed with the Castrovillari Court'', said Klaus Algieri, President of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce, ''and is part of our project to strengthen synergies with judicial institutions, undertaken to spread the development and effectiveness of alternative justice tools for the benefit of businesses and consumers. The underlying idea is to activate ways of interinstitutional collaboration, and we are also doing this with other local authorities, so as to offer more and more tangible, immediate and open services to citizens, even outside the chamber''. ''The experimental laboratory will be carried out by Rossella Di Palo and Valeria Castaldo, both magistrates at the the Castrovillari Court - along with Emanuela Greco, deputy prefect of Cosenza and Erminia Giorno, Secretary General of the Cosenza Chamber Of Commerce''.(ANSA)
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