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Agriculture: 6 countries in Trieste, focus on development

Two-day meeting at the Area Science Park

07 November, 14:22
(ANSA) - TRIESTE - Delegations from six Eastern European countries are now in Trieste, at Area Science Park, to attend a 2-day workshop focusing on development (technical, economic, social and cultural) of rural areas in the Western Balkans and the effective implementation of Ipard. These delegations are made up of representatives of ministries and networks of six candidate countries for EU membership, (Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey) and those of a potential candidate country (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The initiative is organized in collaboration with the Joint Research Center (JRC), the Agriculture Directorate of the European Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central European Initiative (CEI) and the working group of the Ministries of Agriculture of the Balkans and is part of a wider action strategy that Area Science Park is developing in the Balkan region. Many good practices will be presented in the 2-day forum. The Veneto Region Management Authority and the National Rural Network will describe the key factors to successful management of funds made available by the Commission; the Central European Initiative will focus on sustainable development and funding opportunities available for exchange of good practices, training and technology transfer activities. Local initiatives such as the association of farmers Kmeka Zveza and Confcooperative FVG will describe successful practices developed at regional level for small agricultural entrepreneurs (such as diversification of production, technological innovation, protection of socio-economic and cultural heritage of the rural areas, short value chains, rural tourism, branding)and Area Science Park will focus on process and product innovation in rural areas. (ANSA).

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