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Migrants: Stasik director, Stalinist methods in Poland

Reporter Surmiak-Domanska, migrants are the new imaginary enemy

10 November, 18:55
(ANSA) - ROME, NOV. 10 - ''You cannot imagine what they do. It's even worse than it was during the communist era: they have taken as an example Stalinist methods, they denigrate people.

Kaczynski said migrants are ''dirty and flea carriers''. Polish director Piotr Stasik, author of the documentary 'Opera about Poland', winner of the 'Beetween the Seas' section at the 21st Jihlava International (Czech Republic) festival talked about his country. ''In my opinion - he continued -, if they realize that they are going to lose control of the country, they will do anything to stay in power. They will invent some fake news, they will find 'new Jews' as scapegoats, obviously not Jews, maybe they will pick on homosexual people or somebody else. And among other things, it's far from clear the role that Russian secret services play in this scenario: current defense minister Antoni Macierewicz's ties are quite scary''. According to Polish journalist Katarzyna Surmiak-Domanska, who held in Jihlava an inspirational workshop, ''migrants are the new imaginary enemy, somewhat like Jews at the end of the 1960s; migrants who are not in Poland , but they are as real as Jews were. They are the current scapegoat: perhaps it is better to find an enemy who's absent, there is no one to kill''. According to Surmiak-Domanska, who recently published the book 'Ku Klux Klan. Here reigns love ', in Poland there is a ''disturbing war and militarism worship''. Kaczynski sponsors the Church, so that the latter subdues their electorate, because there are still many people who believe in the Church. Actually, what supports the current government is the most trivial populism dictated by the 500+ programme, namely the distribution of money to the poor''. (ANSA).

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