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Ukraine: Poroshenko, UN forces would be step forward

President's speech at parliament in Kiev

07 September, 14:50
(ANSA) - MOSCOW - The potential deployment of UN Blue helmets in the Donbass region would be ''a real step forward'', Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko said. Poroshenko has repeatedly urged the UN to send peacekeepers Onu to south-eastern Ukraine.

Two days ago, Putin supported the plan to send a UN military contingent to the Donbass and, speaking at a Brics summit in China, announced that he has urged his foreign minister Serghie Lavrov to submit a resolution to this aim to the Security Council.

''Russia - said Poroshenko, speaking at the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament - continues provocations, hindering the efficient activity of the members of the OSCE monitoring mission and sending weapons and mercenaries. Under these conditions - Ukraine's president continued - the deployment of the blue helmets of the UN in the Donbass occupied territory would be a real step forward in the peace process and a powerful factor in tension reduction''.(ANSA).

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