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Avramopoulos, let's adjust Schengen to security challenges

Romania and Bulgaria are about to join the EU

25 September, 15:39
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS - ''We have seen that new security challenges require adjustment of the rules, so we will propose to strengthen Schengen as a result. However, internal border controls will remain an exception and should only be used as a last resort, alon with safeguards to limit their impact on free movement'', said EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos in an interview with ANSA.

''We want to help countries ensure their citizens security, but this cannot be done at the cost of free movement of people, goods and services. We can safeguard Schengen if everyone plays in accordance with the rules and if we ensure a high level of cooperation and coordination, and if we are united and inclusive - Commissioner warned - for this reason, and as President Juncker said, it is time for Romania and Bulgaria to join the EU. ''(ANSA).

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