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Juncker sees Slovakia as an anchor of stability among V4

Caputova says no to a division between Eastern-Western Europe

25 June, 20:33
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, JUNE 25 - The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker met the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Caputova today in Brussels. "I insist on the fact that Slovakia is an anchor of stability in the region" and among the Eastern European Union countries, Juncker said during a joint press point after the meeting.

Juncker appreciated Caputova's pro-European orientation, highlighting the progress made in the last few years by Bratislava, also in the economic area. Slovakia represents a "good example" for the region, he added.

During today's meeting, Juncker and Caputova discussed the relations between Brussels and the Visegrad Group, composed by Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. For Bratislava "Brussels is important" and "we are not for a division within the European Union between the Eastern and the Western part," Caputova said. "The relations between the V4 are important" but the future of Bratislava is in a "strong and united Union", she added.

The Slovak President called on her country to be "responsible for the future of the EU" and assured she will do "everything possible to complete the process of European integration", starting from "the fight against corruption", as EU values require.(ANSA).

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