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Kosovo: Hahn, agreement with Serbia crucial for the Balkans

EU Commissioner, leadership is necessary to unlock the stalemate

23 May, 11:55
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, MAY - ''Kosovo and Serbia must find an agreement, it is a duty of the whole region, otherwise, the whole region's ambitions to join the EU could risk being hindered, European Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn told ANSA and a few other international media.

''The EU countries will accept new member states only if there is the tangible prospect that all six countries in the Western Balkans will sooner or later enter the EU'', the commissioner explained, underlining that ''if there is no agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, the situation could become risky for all the others ''. According to the EU leaders, there would be no reason to accept only some of the six countries, if the main conflict remained unresolved.

''A strong political leadership'' is necessary in Kosovo and Macedonia, said Hahn, pointing out that the recent historical agreements made by Northern Macedonia to settle the disputes with Bulgaria and Greece represent a ''good example'' for others to follow, and an important step forward which should be and ''rewarded''. (ANSA).

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