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Macedonia: intellectuals and scholars against name change

Among the signatories the writer Milan Kundera

04 September, 13:57
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER 4 - A group of over 70 Macedonian and foreign scholars and intellectuals have signed an open letter critical towards the Prespa agreement between Skopje and Athens and against the name change in Macedonia. "The agreement - the letter reads - does not serve the needs of Macedonia or Greece" nor it shows any "respect for international law, human rights and democratic principles." According to the signatories, Macedonia is currently "subjected to arbitrary international engineering against the will of the people" and the "asymmetric deal" with Athens "will not lessen regional tensions as only the weaker (Macedonian) side was forced to compromise, to force (North) Macedonia into NATO.". Furthermore, "the deal denies constitutional sovereignty of Macedonia." "We argue that the Prespa Agreement is not an accord that promises sustainable peace. NATO membership is unlikely to bring social and economic progress or security to the small Macedonian state; ironically, Greece offers the best proof of what international dictates do on the European periphery," the letter ends.

The first signatory of the letter are professor and politologist Biljana Vankovska, James Pettifer (Oxford University), the Macedonian novelist Venko Andonovski. Among the signatories also the famous writer Milan Kundera. (ANSA).

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