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Latest news

    • 13:13
    • 14 Dec

    Kosovo parliament to vote to form new army

    Ethnic Serb lawmakers boycotted the vote
    • 15:50
    • 12 Dec

    Kosovo: Pristina full of US flags, to celebrate army

    Parliament to vote on Friday. 'KLA's battle was sacrosanct'
    • 14:18
    • 07 Dec

    Kosovo: Lavrov, planning to create an army is provocation

    'Pristina is sabotaging previous agreements'
    • 15:52
    • 05 Dec

    Traffici illeciti, a Siracusa rappresentanti di 12 Paesi

    Il giro di affari più redditizio è quello della contraffazione
    • 14:49
    • 04 Dec

    Climate: EBRD, Balkans to invest more on renewable energy

    Study, coal still too much used in the region
    • 18:43
    • 27 Nov

    Serb municipal mayors in Kosovo resign amid customs 'war'

    Judges on strike as protest spreads against Pristina authorities
    • 19:40
    • 23 Nov

    Kurz call on Kosovo's government to break down tariffs

    Austrian Chancellor on Twitter asks for respect of Cefta
    • 17:38
    • 23 Nov

    EU is mediating with Kosovo and Serbia to smooth out crises

    Hahn in touch with leaders. EU asks for rule of law respect
    • 18:41
    • 22 Nov

    EU says Kosovo's tariffs on Serbia are a 'wrong reaction'

    Spokesperson, Pristina violates Cefta, stop with provocations
    • 10:36
    • 22 Nov

    EU condemns Kosovo's decision to increase import tariffs

    Mogherini calls on Pristina to revoke the measure immediately
    • 17:44
    • 19 Nov

    Balkans: EU, different entry times, but open doors to all

    Commissioner Hahn in Vienna highlights good signals from trade
    • 17:30
    • 19 Nov

    Kurz says EU will be complete only after W.Balkans' entry

    Chancellor considers security in the region key for EU security
    • 12:44
    • 16 Nov

    Journalism: courageous reporters awarded at XII SEEMF

    Serbians and bosnian win Seemo Award. Honor to murdered Kuciak
    • 09:48
    • 16 Nov

    EU: Albania's president, collaboration towards integration

    Meta at SEEMF, press freedom is essential
    • 15:54
    • 14 Nov

    Mogherini wishes to bequeath irreversible work on W.Balkans

    EU High Rep aims to consolidate EU path of region in next months
    • 19:29
    • 10 Nov

    Serbia holds military drills amid Kosovo tensions

    President Vucic, country will strengthen its 'offensive' forces