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Latest news

    • 12:11
    • 23 Mar

    Kosovo suspends casinos, betting shops to increase control

    Parliament did not say what the new law will change
    • 17:38
    • 20 Mar

    Balkans: labour market improves but at a slower pace

    In Kosovo highest unemployment rate in the region, 29%
    • 17:21
    • 15 Mar

    Kosovo: Thaci, 'military response to Serbian threats'

    President against an international conference
    • 17:32
    • 09 Mar

    US envoy in Kosovo to push for lifting of tax on Serbia

    Serbia said no negotiations before the tariffs are lifted
    • 18:38
    • 08 Mar

    EU doesn't comment on Kosovo dialogue 'platform',stop duties

    Spokesperson, recognition of Kosovo depend on EU Member States
    • 17:53
    • 08 Mar

    Balkans: Kosovo's 'platform' irritates Belgrade

    Serbia announces 'measured' and 'responsible' response
    • 11:26
    • 08 Mar

    US urges resumption of dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo

    Pristina adopted platform for mutual recognition, intact border
    • 16:03
    • 06 Mar

    Conte, Pristina should withdraw duties,dialogue is necessary

    'Unilateral measures are not the right way to find a solution'
    • 15:43
    • 06 Mar

    'Thank you Italy, for supporting Serbia', Vucic said

    Meeting with premier Conte. Bilateral relations are excellent
    • 12:51
    • 04 Mar

    Telecom: Kosovo-Albania, possibly no roaming from May

    Deputy PM Limaj announced it to Radio Free Europe
    • 16:59
    • 28 Feb

    Kosovo: Pacolli urges Vucic to recognize the independence

    Open letter to the president, 'the wrong approach to history'
    • 14:32
    • 27 Feb

    Kosovo: in Belgrade Vucic meets members of Serb community

    On the table, duties, possible agreement with Pristina
    • 12:44
    • 26 Feb

    Kosovo: Vucic, 'disappointed' by German foreign minister

    Maas, support for Pristina despite anti-Serb duties
    • 13:37
    • 22 Feb

    Kosovo: imports from Serbia, Bosnia dropped by 120 mln

    After the introduction of 100% tariffs three months ago
    • 19:18
    • 21 Feb

    EU backs financial package for W.Balkans 'green' transition

    30mln euros for energy efficiency,2mln to counter climate change
    • 15:29
    • 17 Feb

    Kosovo marks 2008 independence with military parade

    Thaci, professional army serves youngest country in the world