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Kosovo: vicepremier, war criminals must be punished

According to Pacolli, PM Haradinaj will not be indicted

18 September, 15:52
(ANSA) - PRISTINA - According to Kosovar vice-premier and foreign minister Beghjet Pacolli, there are Albanians (in Kosovo) who have committed crimes, and therefore they must be punished. This is what he told Swiss TV broadcaster Srf, and his statements were reported by local media in Pristina.

Not all Albanians came out with clean hands from the armed conflict in Kosovo in the late nineties, and against those who committed war crimes (UCK crimes) the ITCY in the Hague must raise the appropriate allegations. However, according to Pacolli this Court will not raise allegations against the current leadership in Pristina, such as the new Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. (ANSA).

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