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Serbia-Hungary: Summit at Senta between Vucic and Ader

Anniversary of Turkish defeat. Support to Hungary's EU accession

11 September, 18:30
(ANSA) - BELGRADE - Hungary's full support to Serbia along its path towards EU membership was underlined by President Janos Ader, who met today his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic in Senta, northern Serbia, not far from the border between the two countries. The bilateral summit in Senta took place on the the 320th anniversary of the historic battle fought in that site on September 11, 1697, which marked the victory of the Austro-Hungarian army on Turkish troops. A date which is considered to be crucial to the weakening of the Ottoman Empire in Europe. Alongside the Austrian soldiers, thousands of Hungarian and Serbian soldiers took partin the battle. ''Serbia and can count on Hungary, we have the common task to preserve traditions and cultural heritage'', said Hungary's president.

''We believe in co-operation, a value which Konrad Adenauer refers to shortly after the end of World War II: Europe can regain its security only through team-working, which is crucial to defend his freedom, and only by means of its unity can have a place in the world'', said Ader, praising the heroism shown by Serbs and Hungarians in the victorious battle against the Turks.

Vucic, thanking Ader for Hungary's support to Serbia's EU accession, emphasized the strong friendship and spirit of collaboration in relations between Serbia and Hungary. ''Serbia has shown in so many ways to be determined to join the European family, we learned that through the centuries the road to Europe passed through Budapest and Vienna. ''Belgrade's goal - he added - is to build an independent and strong Serbia, and a strong Serbia means a stable Balkan region''. Vucic then emphasized the importance that the nearly 300,000 people of Hungarian ethnicity living in Vojvodina, north of the country, have in order to strengthen friendship between Serbia and Hungary.

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