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Gentiloni says EU rules on migration must be adapted

There are steps forward, but limited and fragile

14 September, 14:48
(ANSA) - CORFU (GREECE) - Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni called for modifying European Union rules on migration, speaking Thursday on the Greek island of Corfu where he met with Greek President Alexis Tsipras.

Gentiloni said there's a need to "adapt the rules, because it's right that the weight doesn't fall only on some countries", adding that "this principle should be translated into modification of the rules".

"Steps forward have been made on migrants, but they are limited and fragile; we must be conscious of them both on the central as well as the eastern Mediterranean routes. We have to continually cultivate steps forward, translating them into more advanced rules. This is the message that we will also bring to the meeting in Nicosia in October," Gentiloni said, referring to the EU Med Group Conference of seven countries of the Mediterranean scheduled for October 10 on the island of Cyprus.


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