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Germany: new leftist 'movement', named 'Stand Up'

New initiative launched by Sahra Wagenknecht

04 August, 13:42
(ANSA-AP) BERLIN, AUGUST 3 - One of Germany's most prominent left-wing politicians is launching a self-styled new "movement" that she says is aimed at reviving the fortunes of the country's ailing left. However, it's being met with widespread skepticism.

Sahra Wagenknecht's "Aufstehen" ("Stand Up") movement was opening its website Saturday, with an official launch to follow next month. Wagenknecht told the weekly Der Spiegel that "our aims are of course different political majorities and a new government with a social agenda." Germany has three parties generally viewed as left-leaning, the Social Democrats, the Greens and Wagenknecht's Left Party, but they lack a parliamentary majority together and also have major differences. Wagenknecht, one of the Left Party's parliamentary leaders, is controversial even within her own party for taking a skeptical position on migration. (ANSA-AP).

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