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ENEA: first map of natural ecosystems in Central Europe

Woods and rivers over 100m hectare area cover 60% of territory

02 August, 19:53
(ANSA) - ROME, AUGUST 2 - The first transnational map of the 'green' infrastructure of Central Europe: over an area of 100m hectares between Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, natural and semi-natural ecosystems cover 60 million hectares, equal to 60% of the entire territory. The map was made by ENEA - which in Italy has validated the map for the river Po park in the Piedmont area between the provinces of Alessandria and Vercelli - and the other nine partners of the European project MaGICLandscapes. ''The green and blue infrastructures - ENEA reported - over the 60 million hectares of the examined area are made up of 70% of woods, grasslands, lakes and rivers and the remaining 30% are made up of semi-natural areas, such as green urban areas and some types of agricultural territories''. But for example - ENEA added - the mapping highlighted ''the total absence of natural ecosystems essential for the safety of the territory and the quality of the environment on 40 million hectares, that is around 40% of the entire territory''; this because of urbanization and exploitation for productive purposes. As far as the river Po park is concerned, Enea identified natural and agricultural areas covering 14,000 hectares of land, contributing to environmental 'health' thanks to ecosystem services. (ANSA).

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