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Migrants: Salvini, refugees have no chance of returning

He met with Conte, to prepare document for Innsbruck

10 July, 11:41
(ANSA) - ROME - ''We have talked about migrants, but also about security and financial measures. We have a common strategy on migrants: there will soon be a technical meeting and I will meet again Conte tomorrow in order to refine the document that I will present at Innsbruck'', Italy' s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini told 'Il Messaggero', giving an account of yesterday's meeting with prime minister Giuseppe Conte and his colleagues Giovanni Tria and Luigi Di Maio.

''The goal - Salvini added - is to stop the human trafficking at any rate. We started with the NGOs. Redefining the contents of international military missions, which cannot collect and unload everything and everyone in Italy, will be the next inevitable step. Among other things, I have read that even in Brussels they talk about revising the rules of the Sophia operation. Sounds good''.

When he was asked whether nobody would then be allowed to go ashore without a prior redistribution agreement between countries, Salvini replied: ''Yes, that's right, since the EU Council has decided that everything is voluntary, even Italy will assert its will. I will meet the German, Austrian, French, Swiss ministers. We shall seeThis newly discovered Italian centrality is quite encouraging''.

In the event that Seehofer (Germany) and Kurz (Austria) might think to send back to Italy the migrants already registered in their countries, Salvini commented: ''They are pursuing their own interest, of course, but we will meet to find an agreement.

There is definitely no chance, in Italy's schedule, for those who went abroad to return to Italy, this is the least likely event that may happen''. (ANSA).

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