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Tourism: surfing, thrill at the heart of Munich

Waves along the Eisbach (Ice stream) in the Englischer Garten

06 October, 18:12
(ANSA) - TRIESTE - The thrill of surfing waves (or just admiring it) in the heart of Munich, along the ''Ice stream'', the Eisbach, small artificial river crossing the Englischer Garten before diving into the river Isar.

Amidst the meadows and secular trees of this wonderful park, within a 15-minute walk from Marienplatz, downtown, the freezing waters of the Eisbach form, at two different points, a little 50-cm high wave: one is right next to the bridge linking the park to the Haus der Kunst museum; the other a hundred metres inward.

At both points, irresistible attraction for all amateur surfers who line up to ride the waves giving acrobatic and sometimes risky performances. The river is not very deep(about half a meter) and falls are frequent, but the risks are not enough to discourage those who can not resist the temptation to surf so close to home. In other words: it is not always necessary to travel for many miles to reach the shores of the ocean and try the thrill of precarious balance on a plank. And if somebody falls, no harm done: occurrence is likely to increase the curiosity of tourists and residents visiting the park.

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