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Migrants: 7 countries reject proposal to reform Dublin

Majority still pro-negotiation. Mediterranean coalition breaks

05 June, 14:22
(ANSA) - LUXEMBOURG - Seven countries are opposed to Bulgarian presidency's proposal to reform the Dublin regulation, as a basis for the leaders' summit scheduled for June. These countries are: Italy, Spain, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. Three countries, Estonia, Poland and Great Britain, have not expressed their opinion.

The other 18 countries, even though theyare not satisfied with the proposal, leave door open for negotiations at the summit. These countries include Greece, Malta, and Cyprus, thus breaking up the Mediterranean coalition, according to sources in Luxembourg.

The text of the Bulgarian presidency's reform proposal will now be submitted to the EC president Donald Tusk, who will decide how to continue the discussion at the leaders' summit.

Other sources underlined, however, that there is little time left for a very complicated negotiation that, even in light of Germany's stance, appears to be at an impasse. (ANSA).

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